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In-App Prompts#4

These are onscreen messages that can be pushed to specific users.

A prompt might be to ask a user to add their card details to prevent disruption, but only if they’ve completed each of the key events and have at least x of property y.

A nudge on the other hand, could be a simple message that either offers words of encouragement or suggestions on what to do next:

“Whoop! You’ve now generated more than 500 clicks from your campaigns. On average our most successful customers generate 500+ clicks during their trial period. You’re obviously doing something right 🙌”

“Our most successful customers typically approve at least 2 campaigns within their first week. It looks like you’ve only approved 1. If you’d like some help getting that second one approved, click the contact button below. We’d love to help”

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Auto prompts / nudges (on screen)" to "In-App Prompts"
a year ago
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a year ago

Hello. Is this still being developed? I can see there are no updates. I was willing to upgrade my account but haven’t seen any updates

6 months ago

Hi Eric - yes absolutely, we’re still here :)

In-app messags are not up immedietly but will be coming soon. We’re currently working on manual messages and cancelation surveys.

6 months ago